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If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch you have the ability to connect your Guitar through the device with the iRig from iKmultimedia. Now if you are wondering what would be the point of connecting my Guitar to my iPod, let me tell you there are some interesting apps available for recording, and ampmodeling such as Garage Band, and others such as Amplitube. Now the iRig read more

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I have been trying out the Artist version of Presonus Studio One recording software, and really finding it loaded with many good features. read more

Guitar Tracks Pro 4 by Cakewalk has some pretty nice features, and a straight forward user interface for recording your Music. I have tried other Cakewalk programs in the past such as Sonar, and Guitar Tracks2 and 3, but this latest version has some really nice features including Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3

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Well I have been trying out Amplitube2 the Guitar Amp, and FX modeling plugin from IK Multimedia, actually I have been having a blast with this emulation software. Amplitube is by no means a repalcement for a real guitar amp, but I am surprised how good it sounds considering that the sound is coming out of regular PC speakers. It actually sounds like a real

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The Zoom G1 Guitar effects pedal offers some pretty decent effects, and a built in drum machine for a retail price of around $70.00 dollars. It has about 40 factory presets and allows for another 40 user defined. It has only a 3 band EQ, High Mid and Low but by tweaking them I was able to get my tone sounding quite good in most cases. It comes with an AC adapter, or it will also run off of four AA batteries. read more

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